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Dust MitesDust Mites - Dust mites can be a real annoyance to people mainly with a dust mite allergy so we've got some information on the following; killing dust mites, what dust mite spray(s) are about, dust mite control, test kits...

Dust mite
Dust Mite

Try one of the three dust mite sprays featured on this page. If you have a dust mite problem and are allergic to them then one of these three sprays should help decrease the number of mites in your home.

Dust Mite Spray

ADS Dust Mite Spray

Allersearch ADSSpray
Neutralizes allergens in fabricsHouse dust contains a combination of allergens from several sources, most often dust mites, pets, insects, pollens and molds. Allersearch ADS actually denatures allergens rendering them permanently nonallergenic. Allersearch ADS can be used on upholstered furniture, draperies and blankets throughout the house. For continued protection, repeat application every two months. This all-natural plant-based formula comes in a 32 fl. oz. spray bottle, enough to cover 600 square feet.

Buy ADS dust mite spray from Allergy Store for $22.95.

Home cleanse
Home Cleanse

Home Cleanse
Home Cleanse is an acaricide and pet and dust mite allergen denaturer. It comes in an aluminium spray bottle. The active ingredients are Eucalyptus oil, Ylang ylang and Quaternium salts. Recommended use is to spray furnishings and pet bedding once a month. Tests show that the allergen reduction will be over 75% depending upon the thoroughness of the application. The spray is non staining and safe for natural and synthetic soft furnishings.

Buy this spray and other insect repellent from Healthy House for 11.95.

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Online Allergy Relief - Dust mite control products, allergy relief, carpet and upholstery products, dust mite sprays and powders, see customer services for shipping. www.onlineallergyrelief.com

Drive free spray
Dust Mite Spray

DriveFreeAnti-Allergen Spray
Auto interiors are perfect for collecting allergens, which attack sensitive respiratory systems. This non-toxic DriveFree anti-allergen spray is scientifically formulated to neutralize and render harmless allergens created by dust, dogs, cats, dust mites, pollens, insects and mold. It is 100% biodegradable and contains no perfumes or dyes. Comes in 16 fl. oz. spray bottle, enough to cover 300 square feet. Repeat application every three months for continued protection.

This dust mite spray is $14.95 and can be bought from Allergy Asthma Tech.

Dust Mites Habitat
Microscopic dust mites are everywhere in the home - in our beds, clothing, furniture, book shelves and stuffed animals. For the most part they don't bother anyone, but for people with allergies or asthma, dust mites are a problem. Here are some dust mite sprays that you can buy, these sprays are ideal if you or your children suffer allergies through dust mites.

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