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Dust MitesDust Mites - Dust mites can be a real annoyance to people mainly with a dust mite allergy so we've got some information on the following; killing dust mites, what dust mite spray(s) are about, dust mite control, test kits...

Carpet steamer (Click to enlarge)
Carpet Steamer

It seems the best and safest way to kill dust mites is to steam them, though this is only a short term remedy its very effective. Why not read " My house is killing me!" by Jeffrey C. May on how to kill dust mites.

How to Kill Dust Mites

Steaming Dust Mites
A domestic steamer was used to treat carpets squares that were seeded with a known numbers of dust mites. The number of live mites was monitored for 4 months and in 8 test squares and 8 control squares. Measurement of mite populations and allergen levels were taken before and after steaming with a domestic steamer.

The outcome was there was no live mites found any where on the eight steam-treated carpet squares. The number of mites extracted from the squares rose from 11 on day 3 to 185 four months later. This shows that steaming is a very effective way on how to kill dust mites. More significant for allergy sufferers is the measurement of the allergen Der p1. There was no difference in the concentration of Der p1 in dust samples of untreated carpets, but in those which had been steam cleaned there was an average 87% fall in the concentration of Der p1.

"My House Is Killing Me!"
In the world that we cant see, the dust in a typical house is teeming with life. Carpet beetles, dust mites, silverfish and other creatures are born live their live and then die, starting a new generations every few months. Debris are dispersed into the air from these organisms can cause runny noses, itchy eyes, coughing, headaches and breathing difficulties. Some people, especially those made highly sensitive by allergies, suffer from devastating health problems and the worry that, as one such sufferer lamented, My house is killing me!.

You can purchase this book from Powells for $10.50.

My house is killing me (Click to enlarge)
My House Is Killing Me

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Powells - Powell's books, "My House Is Killing Me!: The Home Guide for Families with Allergies and Asthma" by Jeffrey C May, a hand in how to kill dust mites.

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Steaming the Mattress

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Dust Mite

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